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Nestled in the southwest corner of the Chicago metropolitan area and located in both the Kendall and Will counties, Oswego is a charming suburb located along the Fox River. Despite not being right in the middle of the urban sprawl, Oswego still has to contend with all the same issues that urban areas can attract—namely, pest populations.

Yes, pests will be attracted anywhere there is human activity. That’s why local property owners need to protect their homes and businesses with Oswego pest control services that are safe and reliable. For all your pest control needs, turn to D&K Pest Control.

Residential Pest Control In Oswego

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Pests can be a much larger disruption in our homes than many give them credit for. From property damage and diseases to simple proliferation, pest problems can quickly spin out of control. This is why residential pest control is so important for Oswego property owners.

At D&K Pest Control, we take help local homeowners solve pest problems and avoid them entirely by implementing these pest control steps:

  • Inspection: To address your entire pest problem, we need to inspect your entire property for signs of pests and attractants that might be drawing them in. After that, we can craft a treatment plan that’s right for you.
  • Treatment: Then the real work begins. Our trained professionals will provide all the industry-leading treatments, traps, and monitoring systems needed to ensure your infestation is truly taken care of.
  • Follow Up: We will always check back with you after our initial service to make sure the pests are actually gone.

Instead of turning to DIY solutions or store-bought chemicals that likely won’t work and might be dangerous for you and your loved ones, turn to D&K Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Oswego

For businesses, pests aren’t just a minor inconvenience. The property damage they cause can really eat into your revenue, and the health concerns they can cause come with much bigger consequences for properties where people eat, stay, play, or visit each and every day.

Commercial pest control isn’t just a luxury. It’s an absolute necessity that will help protect your bottom line and save you from headaches down the road. That’s why D&K Pest Control offers our services for commercial property owners, too. And rather than waiting until a pest problem is already there before you take these consequences seriously, we recommend getting started with preventative treatments to help you avoid pest infestations in the first place.

No matter what kind of business you operate, you won’t regret getting pest protection for your Oswego property. Let D&K Pest Control keep your operations humming along consistently without the disruptions that pests can cause.

Seven Little-Known Facts About Oswego’s Fascinating Opossums

Have you ever heard the old adage, “Know thy enemy”? Well, this is especially smart advice when it comes to pests like opossums. To avoid opossum infestations in your yard or inside your property, you need to understand their behaviors, characteristics, and the problems they can cause. That’s why expert wildlife control is the best way to make sure you’re getting sound advice and properly addressing any kind of wildlife infestation.

That’s why your helpful wildlife experts at D&K Pest Control have put together this list of little-known facts about Oswego-area opossums so you can arm yourself with knowledge about these pests:

  • Marsupials: Unlike most rodent-like creatures you’ll see roaming around, opossums aren’t actually mammals. Instead, they are marsupials, like kangaroos. In fact, they are the only known marsupial in North America.
  • Playing Dead: This may be the one thing most people do know about opossums, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting. As a defense mechanism, opossums have learned how to mimic a deathly appearance which helps to deter predators who prefer the thrill of a kill. This also means they can give unsuspecting property owners a fright when they go to dispose of a “corpse,” only to find that the animal is still very much alive.
  • Smelly Actors: Not only can opossums lie perfectly still while mimicking a corpse, but they can also exude a foul odor that contributes to their deception. While this is an effective defense, it also makes them unpleasant creatures to have to close to your windows.
  • Not Possums: People tend to use the terms opossum and possum interchangeably, but they are actually two completely different animals. Opossums are native to North America and look like large rodents. Possums are native to Australia, New Zealand, and China and look more like small lemurs.
  • Diseases: When it comes to the problems opossums can introduce to your property, one of the biggest is the diseases they can carry and transmit to humans or other animals, including tuberculosis and spotted fever.
  • Damage: All kinds of pests can damage your yard or property as they dig their way through fences and utility lines looking for food or nesting areas, including opossums.
  • Population: Opossums carry their offspring in their pouches, meaning a single opossum is just a full-blown population waiting to happen.

Don’t try to diagnose or deal with an opossum problem on your own. Instead, get opossum control from D&K Pest Control right away.

What To Do About Raccoons Hanging Around Your Oswego Property

Raccoons are some of the most common wild animals to see wandering around your neighborhood or digging through your garbage cans. Few animals have thrived on urban sprawl and human development quite like raccoons, making them a serious risk that you should take seriously.

At D&K Pest Control, raccoons are just one kind of wildlife pest that we help Oswego property owners deal with. If you are concerned about raccoons on your property, contact us today for advice on how to address the problem or assistance with proper raccoon control services.

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