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Comprehensive Pest Control In Naperville, IL

As an iconic western suburb of Chicago, located in both the DuPage and Will counties, Naperville is suburban America at its finest. We have all the amenities we need right here in town, but we’re also just a short drive away from one of the country’s biggest cultural hubs.

However, even suburban America has to worry about pest infestations, especially as urban spillover provides more opportunities for opportunistic pests to thrive. That’s why it's important for all property owners to take pest control in Naperville seriously, and D&K Pest Control is here to help.

Whether you need removal services for an existing pest problem or preventative services to protect your home or business from pests all year round, we have the expertise to help!

Residential Pest Control In Naperville

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Home pest control is important because it protects you from the larger consequences of a pest infestation. While finding a few creepy critters hiding around your property can be scary enough, the problems that result from pest activity are the things you really need to be afraid of.

Here are some of the issues pests can cause if they get inside your Naperville home:

  • Damage: Pests can chew, scratch, and dig through household materials and create stains and odors with their droppings and dirty bodies.
  • Disease: Due to their disgusting habits, many pests can carry diseases and transmit them to people or other animals.
  • Other Health Impacts: Some pests can also carry parasites like ticks and fleas or contribute to respiratory illnesses and allergies.

Let D&K Pest Control help you avoid these issues entirely by partnering with us for pest control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Naperville

Commercial property owners have to be especially worried about pest infestations since they are responsible for the well-being of the people who frequent their business. Pest problems impact employees, customers, and investors alike, which is why commercial pest control is a smart investment.

At D&K Pest Control, we help all kinds of businesses in Naperville avoid and quickly respond to pest problems so they don’t lead to more significant issues for their operations, clients, or personnel. We also offer affordable rates on our one-time or recurring pest treatments, helping you address pest risks without having to take a big hit to your bottom line.

Don’t let pests cause bigger problems for your Naperville business. Contact us at D&K Pest Control today to get started with commercial pest control services.

Naperville’s Guide To The Adorable Yet Dangerous Squirrel

Animals prancing around outside our windows can look quite majestic and cute, but when they get indoors or start tearing up our yards, things get decidedly less adorable. Squirrels may seem like harmless rodents, but they can actually lead to all of the same problems that other intrusive pests do.

Squirrels carry diseases and chew on sometimes delicate items to keep their teeth filed, just like other rodents. And while you’re busy worrying about nasty rats or mice, squirrels could also invade your property to take advantage of the food, water, and shelter it provides. This is what makes squirrel control another necessary part of overall pest protection.

At D&K Pest Control, we help Naperville property owners address squirrel populations before they can lead to these issues. Through our safe and effective tree squirrel control methods and some helpful advice on how to prevent future infestations, we guarantee you’ll always be dealing with the cute kind of squirrel, not the dangerous kind. Contact us today to get started or visit us online to learn more about our pest control services.

Three Easy & Effective Opossum Prevention Tips For Naperville Homeowners

Some people think opossums are cute and cuddly, but they are also pests that you should take seriously. You may have already guessed it by now, but opossums can carry diseases and cause property damage, which is why opossum control is another crucial service for local pest control companies to offer.

At D&K Pest Control, we deal with opossums and other kinds of wildlife that may invade your yard or get inside your home. Early prevention methods can help reduce your risk of ever dealing with wildlife problems, while professional removal services will evict these animals from your home. It’s all part of the wildlife pest control we offer near you:

  1. Trash Storage: Just like raccoons and other wildlife, opossums will root around in your trash for food. Keep your receptacles well sealed and stored in secure areas when not out at the curb.
  2. Food Sources: Yards with fruit trees or berry bushes can naturally attract wildlife, so you should clean up these areas regularly. Also, make sure to keep pet food stored in secure areas.
  3. Tree Branches: Opossums are skilled climbers, so they can use overhanging tree limbs that encroach on your home’s exterior to crawl in through windows or other access points. Make sure to trim back any tree limbs that are too close to your house.

No matter what kind of pest control you need, we’re here to help! Contact us today to learn how we can keep your Naperville property free of opossums and other dangerous wildlife.

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