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Comprehensive Pest Control In Geneva, IL

What's it like living in Geneva, IL? If you ask local residents, it's nothing short of paradise. This Tri-City suburb is the perfect blend of city and country, offering breathtaking views of the gentle Fox River with all the conveniences of nearby attractions.

But although Geneva is a popular destination for tourists, not all visitors are of the people or pet variety. Pests are also a common sight in this laid-back bedroom community, especially when it comes to wildlife pests. It's not uncommon to spot a bat flying into your chimney or watch a skunk saunter into your garage, greenhouse, or outbuilding.

If you're looking for a reliable pest control service to treat, remove, and exclude unwanted pests, look no further than D&K Pest Control – one of the best-rated providers of Geneva pest control. 

We make it easy to get the services you need in a time frame that works for you. No need to contact two separate companies for wildlife or pest control services: D&K Pest Control offers both at once to help you get and stay pest-free.

Ready to secure your home or business? Just call D&K Pest Control today. We can treat your property immediately after providing a quote, so you don't have to wait for effective pest control.

Residential Pest Control In Geneva

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You don't just need to worry about regular pests in Geneva – you also need to worry about wildlife critters, too. Thanks to our idyllic location next to the charming Fox River and Peck Farm Park, there are all manner of wild animals looking to bed down in and around our homes.

D&K Pest Control makes it easy to control the various pests around your property. Our home pest control services in Geneva effortlessly stop insects, arachnids, and wild animals from gaining access to your house or destroying your property. Since we offer warranties, exclusion programs, and plenty of cutting-edge products, you can trust our team of professional experts to protect your home to the fullest.

If you're ready to get started with professional pest control for your home, just contact D&K Pest Control today. We can upgrade the defenses surrounding your home so you can rest easy knowing you're protected.

Commercial Pest Control In Geneva

Not all types of commercial pest control in Geneva are created equal. While some programs only offer pest management services, others focus solely on wildlife control. 

What happens if you need both at once – or if you need specialized services for your industry? That's where the team at D&K Pest Control really stands out from the crowd. 

As one of the few local businesses offering pest control and wildlife control, D&K Pest Control can help your business bolster its defenses without compromising on quality. No need to take what we say at face value: our customer testimonials and rave reviews are our highest compliments.

Put your business under the protection of D&K Pest Control today. Reach out to schedule your inspection and get a custom estimate for your needs.

Why Bat Removal In Geneva Needs To Be Left To The Professionals

Bats in Geneva are becoming more and more common, especially around our residential neighborhoods. An abundance of mosquitoes and other pest prey has made these tiny mammals an extremely common visitor.

But while a higher population of bats is great for our local ecosystem, it's not so great for people and pets – or the health of our properties.

Bat infestations can lead to serious side effects that impact your quality of life. Attempting to remove them on your own isn't just illegal but could unnecessarily expose you to bites, scratches, or diseases.

If you need expert bat removal services for your property, D&K Pest Control is the team to call. We know just how to guide bats away from your building so you can get on with your life without harming your local habitat.

Call today for a quote.

Skunks 101: Geneva's Smelliest, Messiest Pests

Spotting a white and black figure roaming about your lawn usually means one thing: there's a skunk nearby! While these pests have poor vision and rarely attack humans, they're also some of the stinkiest pests you ever have to deal with in Geneva.

Skunks may be a more troublesome pest than you realize – even apart from their smell. For example:

  • Skunks can carry rabies, which may risk the health of your animals.

  • Skunks may bite and scratch when threatened, which can lead to secondary infections.

  • Skunks can spread secondary pests like fleas, ticks, and mites.

The best way to reduce your exposure to skunks is to contact the team at D&K Pest Control. We would be happy to suggest some skunk control solutions for your yard and identify opportunities for long-lasting exclusion methods.

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I received wonderful and prompt service! He found the dead squirrel and sealed up a couple of places where they could come in. He was very professional and answered all of my questions. I would happily use their services again!

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