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Downers Grove is 25 miles west of Chicago's loop, providing residents with a suburban lifestyle in the third-largest metropolitan area in the United States. It features experiences with nature, outdoor activities, and a thriving downtown with shopping and dining options. The city is near two major airports and a train station connecting it with nearby Chicago.

People wanting to live near Chicago but in a quiet neighborhood will find Downers Grove a desirable location. Unfortunately, pests also enjoy this community and frequently invade homes and businesses. They can create damage and spread illnesses while they search for food, water, and shelter, making them problematic for residents.

D&K Pest Control is the Downers Grove, IL, pest control expert. Our technicians will eliminate infestations on your property and take steps to prevent future problems.

Residential Pest Control In Downers Grove

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Living in Downers Grove provides residents with a quiet lifestyle near the busy streets of Chicago. Unlike the big city, this community offers residents spacious yards with grass and trees. While it's a preferable environment for people, it also attracts pests. These creatures live in the natural surroundings and invade homes when they need food and water.

Our residential pest control services in Downers Grove from D&K Pest Control starts with an inspection where we'll look through your attic, climb onto your roof, and find entry points. We'll provide a quote based on our findings and offer same-day service. Our technicians will set up traps for wild animals and use motion-activated monitoring systems.

We also provide additional pest control services to keep your home safe and sound. Call us now to protect your house from Downers Grove pests.

Commercial Pest Control In Downers Grove

Downers Grove is full of businesses that provide essential services for residents. The pests in town invade these structures for their necessities, causing damage and spreading illnesses. They can negatively impact your production and reputation when they crawl around, but commercial pest control services in Downers Grove can prevent these intrusions.

D&K Pest Control specializes in trapping wild animals, but we can also solve other pest problems. We'll inspect your facility to find the creatures and set up motion-activated traps to catch them. Our technicians have experience in several industries, so we know the problems that affect your business.

Pests can hinder business operations, so keeping them away is a top priority. Let us know if you need to eliminate an infestation in your Downers Grove facility.

What Attracts Opossums To Certain Downers Grove Homes?

Opossums usually invade Downers Grove residences for food and den in attics or garages where they can cause damage and create messes. When they get into houses, they can tear your ductwork or insulation, impacting the effectiveness of your heating and cooling system. Knowing what attracts these pests and removing those sources will help you avoid these problems.

These animals are scavengers and omnivores, so they'll eat various items. Since they usually move around and feed at night, you likely won't see them on your property. However, some items attract these marsupials, and removing them can protect your home.

Some of the things that attract opossums to Downers Grove properties include:

  • Open trash cans
  • Pet food
  • Berries and fruits
  • Woodpiles and logs

When you call D&K Pest Control, we'll use the best opossum control methods to find and remove the pests from your home. We'll discover their entry points and close them to prevent future infestations. These creatures might cause damage where they enter, so we'll repair those areas of your home.

Opossums can impact the safety of your home, so it's essential to remove them. Contact us to protect your home from these intrusive marsupials with our opossum removal services in Downers Grove.

Why Raccoons In Your Downers Grove Home Call For Professional Removal

Raccoons are annoying pests to find around your Downers Grove home. They're often seen in garbage cans, searching for scraps to eat. They can also enter your house if they can find entry and food. These creatures might look cute and harmless, but you should leave their removal to the professionals.

The primary problem with raccoons is the pathogens they carry. They can be aggressive, biting and scratching people when they feel threatened. When they bite, they can spread various illnesses, including:

  • Salmonellosis
  • Roundworm
  • Giardiasis
  • Leptospirosis

Calling D&K Pest Control to remove raccoons is the safest way to keep them away from your home. Our technicians will locate the raccoons around your property and remove them. We'll also find and remove baby raccoons. Once we've addressed your infestation, we'll close potential entry points and repair any damage they've caused.

Raccoons can access your attic, crawl spaces, chimney, and even your living areas, causing health concerns for your family. Our team knows how to eliminate these infestations and prevent future intrusions. Call us for effective raccoon removal in Downers Grove.

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