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Bloomingdale is a suburban village 25 miles west of Chicago. A small DuPage County community, the village’s Old Town district features restaurants, stores, a craft brewery, and other services for residents. People looking for a small community near one of the country’s biggest cities will find Bloomingdale a desirable place to live and work.

The various pests in Bloomingdale can sneak into buildings unnoticed and hide in attics, basements, and walls. Before you spot these intruders, they can spread illnesses and cause damage throughout your home and business. Bloomingdale pest control professionals can eliminate these infestations and protect you from future problems.

D&K Pest Control provides expert pest solutions for Bloomingdale homes and businesses. Our technicians have the knowledge and skills to protect your property from potentially troublesome pests.

Residential Pest Control In Bloomingdale

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All houses are vulnerable to pests because they can fit through tiny entry points. Common attractants include spills, crumbs, and leaks. Additionally, bad weather or local predators can cause some pests to invade your home for safety. Regardless of why these pests enter your house, residential pest control professionals can help.

When you call D&K Pest Control to end an infestation in your home, we start with an inspection. Our technicians will look through your home and even climb onto your roof to determine how the pests got inside. Our typical initial service involves setting up traps at entry points and using cameras to monitor activity. We’ll replace traps after catching an intruder and continue until they're all gone.

Pests can be dangerous and cause costly repairs when they get into your Bloomingdale home. Call us today to learn how we can eliminate infestations on your property with our effective residential pest control services in Bloomingdale.

Commercial Pest Control In Bloomingdale

When you operate a business, you do everything possible to build a loyal customer base that trusts your products and services. Unfortunately, pests can undo this work by causing damage, spreading illnesses, and scaring locals. The experts at D&K Pest Control are here to help.

Our technicians solve pest problems for businesses in various industries. We know the common pests in Bloomingdale and the numerous issues they cause. We use the best techniques and materials to eliminate pests in your building and take steps to prevent future invasions from occurring.

A quality commercial pest control plan is essential for the success of your business. At D&K Pest Control, we know where pests hide in commercial facilities and how to get them out of your building. Contact us for more information on our commercial pest control services in Bloomingdale.

Tips To Keep Birds In Bloomingdale From Roosting On Your Property

Many birds are beneficial when they roost on your property. They eat insects, remove weed seeds, and can relieve stress when listening to their songs. But some birds are nuisances and cause damage. For example, pigeon feces can destroy metal, erode stone, and burn lawns, while starlings eat fruit from gardens.

The problems caused by some birds outweigh the positives. As a result, you might want to avoid these animals roosting on your property. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep birds away.

Some tips to prevent birds from roosting on your Bloomingdale property include:

  • Remove water features.
  • Avoid or cover plants that grow berries.
  • Trim trees or bushes to remove roosting places.

At D&K Pest Control, our Bloomingdale bird control process begins with inspecting your property to find the nests of pigeons, sparrows, and starlings. Our technicians can set up bird cones, allowing these pests to enter but not escape. We’ll work with you to use other methods to prevent roosts and avoid these potentially troublesome creatures.

Birds are often desirable animals on properties, but some can cause severe problems. Give us a call to keep birds from roosting on your Bloomingdale property.

The Stress-Free Way To Your Pest-Free Home In Bloomingdale

Bloomingdale is home to various pests that can get into your house. These animals can cause damage, spread illnesses, and impact your mental health, causing the need for a quick solution.

Attempting to control pests in your home can be difficult and stressful. These creatures enter through tiny gaps in your exterior and are hard to find. You might hear them or see signs but not see the actual pests, adding to your stress.

D&K Pest Control provides dependable pest control for Bloomingdale residents. We can provide a quote over the phone so you know what you’ll pay and begin our process immediately. For general pest problems, we’ll start with an inspection to determine where pests are hiding and how they got into your house. We’ll then use state-of-the-art tools and techniques to eliminate the problem.

Our one-time service includes a 60-day guarantee, and we offer quarterly services to keep your home pest-free. Our recurring services enable us to service between visits at no additional cost. Call us when you see Bloomingdale pests on your property.

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