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Bartlett is a village located in the Cook, DuPage, and Kane counties of Illinois. While we are a relatively small suburb of Chicago and the Aurora-Naperville area, we still have to deal with the issues that come with urban spillover. The main one is pest problems. Population centers attract pest populations because our properties provide everything pests need to survive, including food, water, and shelter.

To avoid the larger issues that result from having a pest problem on your property, you need to get started on pest control in Bartlett early on. With help from D&K Pest Control, the process is simple and affordable. Rather than waiting until pests are already threatening your property, learn how we can help you today.

Residential Pest Control In Bartlett

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Lots of pests can invade your yard or get inside your house. Once they do, they can lead to costly property damage and even introduce health problems like diseases or parasites. That's why you need residential pest control services provided by professionals.

At D&K Pest Control, we offer a wide range of home pest control services that address the many pest and wildlife species in Bartlett that can pose a threat. Here's a rundown of what we offer and why you should consider getting started right away:

  • Exclusion: Our exclusion services are designed to keep pests out of your home and away from your yard. We use a range of safe and effective methods to ensure total protection.
  • Monitoring: We also offer monitoring services for our ongoing pest control plans, so you're never caught off guard by an infestation again.
  • General & Wildlife: Whether you have general pest control needs or have specific kinds of pests causing problems on your Bartlett property, we offer a service plan that's right for you.

Keep pests out of your Bartlett home the right way by contacting D&K Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Bartlett

Businesses also have to worry about the threat of pests. Whether you're in the food service or hospitality industry or not, it's important to take commercial pest control seriously. Proper pest prevention and control can save you from larger costs down the road, and only experts can guarantee results.

We provide one-time or ongoing services to all kinds of Bartlett businesses, whether they need us to remove pests that are already a problem or help keep future infestations out. This comprehensive approach provides you with the best pest protection around. Don't wait to start protecting your Bartlett business from pests. Contact D&K Pest Control today.

What Are The Likely Causes Of Pest Infestations In Bartlett?

Now that you know what services are out there to help you address pest problems, you're probably wondering how pest infestations start in the first place. Even though we all like to assume that our properties are inaccessible to pests, it's important to point out that infestations can happen to anyone. That's why D&K Pest Control offers pest control services to anyone who needs them.

All properties have factors and characteristics that can leave them at risk of pest problems, including:

  • Attractants: Again, all homes and businesses supply food, moisture, and shelter that pests will be drawn to. Even non-food-service properties will have employees who cook, eat, and throw away food items on the premises. All this activity creates attractants that are appealing to pests.
  • Access Points: Another factor is just the simple fact that our properties provide reliable shelter, so pests will look for access points to get indoors. These can be tiny cracks or even larger holes that can remain hidden without proper inspection.
  • Other Pests: Unfortunately, pest infestations in or around your property can even invite new or worsening infestations. As one species moves in, others will be drawn to your property to hunt them or to take advantage of the same food sources.

With help from trained local pest control professionals, you can ensure your property is truly protected against pests. At D&K Pest Control, we can help you diagnose all these factors and implement a service plan that addresses your Bartlett property's needs. Contact us today to get started on an inspection and treatment plan.

The Most Effective Bat Control Solution For Bartlett Properties

People can often be so focused on addressing common pests like ants or spiders that they forget about other kinds of pests that can become a problem, like wildlife. Bat control, for instance, is often overlooked but can save you from a smelly, loud problem in your attic or on your property. Just like other pests, bats can spread diseases, leave behind piles of droppings, and cause other issues that impact you or your property.

To avoid this, you should turn to the bat removal experts at D&K Pest Control. We can quickly address your bat infestation and even provide you with exclusion services that keep bat populations out from the start.

To avoid the smelly, noisy, and disruptive problems bats in Illinois can cause, turn to D&K Pest Control right away.

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