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Located in DuPage County, the village of Addison is part of the Chicago metropolitan area. Even though we’re one of the less-populated areas of the Windy City, Addison still sees a whole lot of human development and activity. Unfortunately, all that human activity is bound to attract pests.

That’s why all local property owners need to be aware of the ways pest infestations start, and why it’s best to get a handle on pest control in Addison early on. Waiting until a problem is already there before you act can expose your property to larger issues. With help from D&K Pest Control, you’ll always be protected from pest problems.

Residential Pest Control In Addison

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Home pest control can seem like a no-win situation. Either you take no prevention steps whatsoever and end up with a pest infestation, or you work hard to keep your home clean and well-maintained and then still wind up with a pest problem. This is a scenario that happens more often than people care to think about and is precisely why residential pest control administered by experts is the only way to guarantee complete pest protection.

At D&K Pest Control, we help local homeowners, apartment managers, and other residential property owners with early pest prevention—the kind that actually prevents pests rather than just eliminating them once they’ve moved in. And professional treatments are designed to work against a wide range of common home-invading pests.

Professional methods work better than DIY options, and having a pest problem addressed correctly the first time is much cheaper than wasting your time and money on products that might not even solve the problem. To get started with reliable pest control for your home, contact us at D&K Pest Control today.

Commercial Pest Control In Addison

The consequences of having pests inside a business can be even more drastic than those of a home infestation. Not only can pest damage lead to added costs, but there are far more people who can be impacted by pest problems in properties where lots of people work, eat, play, or recreate.

Fortunately, commercial pest control from D&K Pest Control can help you protect your Addison business from these kinds of problems:

  • Damage: Pests can cause property damage in a number of ways, ranging from cosmetic to structural.
  • Health Problems: Pests are known to carry harmful diseases and parasites, not to mention they can worsen allergies and respiratory illnesses.
  • Fines & Closures: Due to the serious nature of these issues, businesses can face fines or even forced closures from local authorities who have a duty to protect the public. This can seriously derail a business and makes investing in proper pest control far more affordable in the long run.

All these issues demonstrate why it’s better to be proactive when it comes to pest problems, and the best preventative care comes from the pest control experts. Don’t let pests cause huge problems for your Addison property. Instead, contact D&K Pest Control today.

What Everyone In Addison Ought To Know About Skunk Control

Skunks are one of the more problematic kinds of wildlife that can invade our yards. Not only can they spray people and pets with their odorous chemicals, but they can also dig up flower beds, eat decorative plants, and generally cause all the same issues that other yard pests.

No one should have to worry about having a run-in with smelly skunks. Here are a few steps you can take to keep skunks from encroaching on your property in the first place:

  • Keeping your landscaping tidy
  • Addressing potential access points
  • Getting rid of any food or water sources in your yard

These tips can definitely help make your yard less attractive to scavenging wildlife. Even so, the only way to truly guarantee you don’t have to worry about skunks or other wild animals is to work with the pest control experts.

At D&K Pest Control, we offer local skunk removal and assistance with limiting your risk of wildlife activity from the get-go. We use industry-leading methods and treatments that account for all the ways wildlife problems form and the reasons they stick around. To keep your Addison property protected from troublesome skunks, contact us today.

Squirrels Aren’t So Cute When They Get Inside Your Addison Home

Cute little rodents can seem harmless when they are darting around outside and prancing through the grass, but they are decidedly less cute when they begin causing problems on your property.

Rodents like squirrels can even cause problems when they are outdoors, but people tend not to care much about them unless they find a way inside their home. If they get inside by crawling in through an open window or scurrying down your chimney, you could be directly exposed to the health problems squirrels can cause. Just like other rodents, squirrels can transmit ticks and fleas or even diseases like salmonellosis. That’s why you need to prioritize looking for squirrel control near you before these curly-tailed rodents become a bigger problem.

At D&K Pest Control, we specialize in wildlife removal and prevention, including services for common animals like squirrels that we tend not to think of as a problem. Contact us today to get started and learn more about how we help local homeowners like you.

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