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Squirrel Removal In Aurora, IL

Learn about our squirrel control process and discover an answer for these sometimes problematic wild animals.

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Squirrels are both adorable and troublesome rodents here in Aurora, IL. They are pleasant to watch as long as they stay away from your home. However, when these pests invade attics and other interior spaces, they become a problem. Take time today to learn about our squirrel control process and discover an answer for these sometimes problematic wild animals.

Our Squirrel Removal Services

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There are three types of rodents that break into homes here in Aurora; rats, mice, and squirrels. Squirrels are the least common of the three but are just as capable of getting indoors. Most infestations happen during the colder months of the year, while squirrels are highly motivated to find a cozy place to spend the winter. Our goal is to provide you with solutions for these local rodent threats. Here is our three-step process for squirrel removal:

  1. Identify Entry Points: Squirrels use homes as shelter more than anything else. To begin the removal process, we first identify how these pests got into your home. This step might involve inspecting your attic inside and out while looking for damage to your roofline, loose-fitting siding, and other noticeable holes or damage. This step is important as we will need to seal these entry points later.
  2. Trap Squirrels Until They Are Gone: Since squirrels can be dangerous when threatened, we prefer advanced trapping methods to address infestations. We place these traps in targeted areas near entry points. To identify where these pests are hiding, our team uses thermal scopes and other detection methods to spot squirrels hiding inside walls or under floorboards. Whenever we catch a squirrel, we check to see if it is lactating to help us identify if there are pups indoors so that we can adjust our methods as necessary.
  3. Address Entry Points: After removing squirrels from your home, we want to ensure these pests do not come back. We do this by addressing holes, gaps, and other openings that these bushy-tailed rodents used to get inside in the first place. We use a variety of general exclusion methods for this, all of which we guarantee for three years.

Squirrels are one of the smartest and most agile creatures in Aurora, IL. To address these pests, we work hard to perfect our wildlife control measures. You'll see this through our detailed control process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Squirrels are not as dangerous as other invasive rodents. Where rats and mice eat nasty things that contain bacteria, squirrels only eat nuts and berries. These bushy-tailed rodents do, however, carry pests like fleas and ticks into homes. These small parasitic bugs spread diseases through their bites and are harmful to both humans and pets.

D&K Pest Control, Your Best Option For Wildlife Removal

Squirrels are only one of many wild animals that cause trouble for property owners. If you are dealing with these or any other wild animal, know that our team is here to help. We offer a three-year warranty on exclusion work, train all of our employees on advanced wildlife control methods, and are quick to respond to situations that involve potentially dangerous creatures.

Take some time today to look through our Aurora pest control services and find what you need to live a pest-free life. As for squirrels, if these small rodents are causing you trouble, call our team. We will schedule an appointment for your home, identify where these pests are hiding, and use effective wildlife control methods to get them out. We are also here to answer any additional questions you might have about these or other local wildlife pests. With everything we do, our goal is to find a solution that solves your problems.

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