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Skunk Removal In Aurora, IL

Our skunk pest control process is designed to be as least invasive as possible while providing maximum results.

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Protect Your Property From Skunks In Aurora, IL

Skunks are one of the most recognized and offensive pests in Aurora, IL. Addressing these pests as they try to take shelter on local properties is something we are passionate about at D&K Pest Control. Let us talk you through our skunk control process today and explain why you should avoid handling this smelly wildlife on your own.

Our Skunk Removal Services

Skunk near the foundation of a house

Wildlife creatures are the bane for many property owners around Aurora. From the threat of harmful diseases to the risk of property damage, there are many reasons to want to safeguard your property against problematic species. Skunks are inarguably one of the most problematic species in our area. They cause discomfort even from their dens under sheds, patios, and the stoops of homes. This discomfort is, of course, caused by the nasty smell they produce. If you suspect one of these wild animals is living close to your home, we can help. Here is our process for controlling nuisance skunks.

Identify Entry Points- When looking to deal with skunks, it is important that we know where these pests are hiding on your property. This is why our team starts with a thorough inspection of your yard, home, and outbuildings. Because skunks burrow under patios, sheds, and under other outbuildings, this is where we look first.

Trapping- Once we understand where skunks are hiding, we can then work towards implementing traps to humanely catch these wildlife pests. This process is designed to be as safe as possible so that our team does not get sprayed while trying to address these ornery creatures.

Prevention- There are many things that can help reduce your chances of dealing with skunks in the future. We approach prevention by offering homeowners methods to deter these and other wild animals. This includes removing bird feeders, creating a barrier around gardens, avoiding feeding pets outdoors, and blocking off entry points to areas where skunks like to hide.

Our skunk pest control process is designed to be as least invasive as possible while providing maximum results. With everything we do, we want to make sure you are well informed about our methods and understand the pests you are struggling to deal with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skunk spray possesses one of the strongest smells on the planet. To get this viscous substance off of yourself, your pets, or other items, we recommend using a mixture of one quart of hydrogen peroxide, a teaspoon of dish detergent, and a quarter cup of baking soda. Do not store this formula, as it might explode in a sealed container.

Find Your Best Wildlife Control With Us

Skunks are not the only wildlife pests in our area, but they are one of the worst. Regardless of what types of wildlife are causing trouble around your home, D&K Pest Control is here to help. We provide many incentives when you choose our team, including a three-year warranty on any exclusion work we do, a dedicated team that works to understand and meet your need, and fast response times for potentially dangerous pests.

With over nine years of Aurora pest control experience and three with wildlife control, you can be sure that we have the training to get the job done right the first time. Take some time today to check over our services and find one that best meets your need. For assistance with skunks on your property, contact our team. Let us be your wildlife expert. We will answer any additional questions you have about these wildlife pests, quote you a price for wildlife removal near you, and schedule an appointment for your property. Life is always easier when you have a professional on your side.

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