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Frequently Asked Questions About Squirrels

Gray squirrel in the crook of a tree

What are squirrels?

Third to mice and rats, squirrels are one of the most common rodents to enter our homes. Squirrels are known for their long bushy tails and acrobatic jumps. We also identify these rodents by their long cylindrical bodies covered in whitish-gray to reddish-brown, brown, or black fur and ears that noticeably sit up off their head.

Are squirrels dangerous?

Like other rodents, squirrels are vigorous chewers, and when they find their way into our homes, they are quite destructive. These wild animals will use their chisel-like front incisors to chew through wires, insulation, drywall, and anything else they can get their teeth around.

To create entrances in your home, squirrels chew through and damage siding, vents, roof soffits, screens, and weatherstripping around windows and doors.

Additionally, squirrels living inside your home will contaminate attics and wall voids with their urine and excrement.

To remove dangerous squirrels, reach out to D&K Pest Control for the best squirrel control in Aurora.

Why do I have a squirrel problem?

Squirrels can become a problem in almost any yard. Trees, shrubbery, sheds, and garages offer them safe shelter, and our trees, gardens, and bird feeders provide food.

Squirrels mate twice a year, in the winter and early summer. Squirrels usually live happily outside but take advantage of our homes for safe shelter to build a nest and have a place to safely raise their young.

Where will I find squirrels?

Because squirrels are exceptional climbers, they can easily scale the outside of our homes. Squirrels like to nest up off the ground, so our attic spaces, chimneys, and wall voids are where we regularly find these critters nesting. Other common nesting spots include clutter in garages or sheds like sitting cars, grills, lawnmowers, and storage boxes.

If squirrels have taken up residence in your house, you are likely to notice some or all of the following signs:

  • Holes in the roofline of your home or around windows or doors
  • Damaged vents
  • Hearing running or scratching sounds in your home above its ceilings or behind its walls
  • Noticing a foul smelly odor within your home
  • Finding gnaw marks or other damage on the exterior or interior of your house

If you are concerned about squirrels taking over your home, shed, or garage, reach out to us at D&K Pest Control for pest control.

How do I get rid of squirrels?

Once squirrels get into our homes and make themselves comfortable, getting them to leave is difficult. The most stress-free way to remove squirrels from your Aurora, IL, home is to partner with a local wildlife expert that understands squirrel behavior and the best way to trap and remove them.

After contacting us about squirrels in your house, our professionals will come to your home, identify any entry points the squirrels are using, and place traps. We will continue trapping the squirrels until they are completely gone from your home and fix the entry points they are using to stop them from returning.

Don't try to tackle a squirrel problem on your own; reach out to us at D&K Pest Control for effective pest control for squirrels.

How can I prevent squirrels in the future?

Use the following prevention tips to stop squirrels from causing problems for you and your family.

  • Eliminate easy entry points into your home by keeping caps on chimneys, placing mesh covers over vents, and repairing gaps around windows and doors. 
  • Place bird feeders at the perimeter of your property away from your home, or remove them entirely. 
  • Cut trees and tall shrubbery back away from your home's exterior.
  • Place metal flashing at the base of trees to make it more difficult for squirrels to climb them. 
  • If you can avoid it, don't plant new trees close to your house.

If you need professional help controlling squirrels, contact us at D&K Pest Control today.

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