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Frequently Asked Questions About Opossums

Opossum walking through grass

What are opossums?

Opossums are marsupials native to the Americas, recognizable by their elongated snouts, grayish-brown fur, and hind feet with opposable thumbs. They are an important part of the ecosystem as they rarely carry rabies and get rid of unwanted pests around inhabited areas, such as cockroaches, rats, ticks, and mice.

Opossums are nocturnal creatures and tend to live solitary lives unless they are actively breeding and raising their young, which they often transport from place to place on their backs. When they invade human structures, opossums introduce several health and safety issues.

Are opossums dangerous?

Opossums that invade your property are dangerous due to the health and safety risks they present. Opossums hiding out around exterior areas or invading attics, basements, and crawl spaces may attack if they feel threatened or they are protecting their young; an attack may result in injury and bacteria transmission.

Opossums also carry several serious diseases, such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, and Chagas disease. Contact with an opossum or its droppings may increase your chances of picking up one of these illnesses. In order to avoid these problems, professional opossum control is a must.

Why do I have a opossum problem?

Opossums are most commonly attracted to properties with plenty of food sources, excess moisture, and ample hiding spots. These critters love hiding in dark and secluded areas during the day and are often scavenging for food around your property at night. Evaluate your property for potential opossum attractants as part of a comprehensive opossum pest control plan.

Where will I find opossums?

Around the exterior areas of your property, you will find opossums hiding under porches and decks, underneath outbuildings, around crawl spaces, near dumpsters and waste disposal areas, or even in abandoned animal dens. If they do invade your property, opossums will likely hide in garages, basements, or other secluded, dark areas.

How do I get rid of opossums?

Getting rid of opossums all by yourself is a difficult task, which is why you should contact D&K Pest Control at the first sign of one of these pests on your property. Our team will help you safely and reliably remove opossums hiding around interior or exterior areas so you can reclaim your space from these troublesome critters and regain your peace of mind.

How can I prevent opossums in the future?

The following opossum control methods prevent these critters from being attracted to your property and starting future infestations:

  • Reduce access to food sources, especially outdoor pet food, and unguarded trash, to stop hungry opossums from being attracted to your property.
  • Seal off the spaces under decks and patios, entrances to crawl spaces, and the areas under outbuildings to prevent opossums from hiding there.
  • Cut back long grass, remove piles of debris, and store woodpiles in elevated areas to prevent fleas, ticks, and pests from gathering in these outdoor areas and attracting opossums.
  • Fix any moisture issues contributing to excess water pools that attract opossums and their pest prey.
  • Install motion-activated sprinklers around outdoor areas to deter opossums from easily entering these spaces and settling down.
  • To keep opossums out, utilize fences around the perimeter of your yard, especially anywhere that backs up to a tree line or forested area.

If you need more information about pest control in Aurora or you suspect these opossums have moved onto your property, contact D&K Pest Control for professional assistance today.

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