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Safely Remove Opossum Activity From Your Aurora Property

Opossums are the only marsupials found in America. They can have up to two litters per year, at any time of the year, and will raise up to nine kits per litter. These unique animals are immune to snake bites and rabies and consume thousands of ticks per season by grooming themselves and their young.

Yet despite all these potential ecological benefits, opossums should not be welcome around your property. These wildlife animals are known carriers of several diseases, such as tuberculosis and leptospirosis. They can also spread bacteria, viruses, parasites, and even fungi throughout your property and destroy insulation and other materials to nest their kits. Engaging opossums alone may be dangerous and unsafe, so contacting the professionals at D&K Pest Control is the best first line of defense.

D&K Pest Control boasts years of combined experience finding, trapping, and removing wild opossums from properties all over Aurora. We understand how essential it is to restore your home to working order and do everything in our power to remove wildlife pests fast. If you need wildlife trapping services near Chicago, our team can help.

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Opossum Removal Services From D&K Pest Control

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Opossums are creative animals that know how to escape capture without the right parameters in place. For this reason, D&K Pest Control follows industry best practices to make our first attempt the best one. To safely remove pests from your Aurora home, we use the following opossum control methods:

  1. ID entry point(s): We look for all the places opossums could be getting inside.
  2. Remove opossum: We set traps and cameras around the house to capture the animal quickly.
  3. Repair the entry: We repair the entry point to stop other opossums from getting inside.
  4. Final sweep: We locate and remove any baby opossums separated from their mother.

Once the opossum removal process is complete, our team will move into the final stage of treatment — providing helpful opossum prevention steps that could protect your home well into the future. Whether you manage a commercial building or a family home, we recommend you follow these helpful steps:

  • Keep trash cans tightly closed.
  • Do not feed pets outdoors.
  • Eliminate dog and cat doors.
  • Ensure there are no openings to the attic or crawl space. 
  • Make sure to cap your chimney. 
  • Remove bird and squirrel feeders. 
  • Do not feed wildlife. 
  • Eliminate water sources.

Keep in mind opossums will jump at the opportunity to have a free meal in the form of dog or cat food or drink or wash themselves off in any pooling water. Proper precautions can eliminate future problems when dealing with residential or commercial opossum infestations, including exclusion work. All exclusion services from D&K Pest Control come with a three-year warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The professionals at D&K Pest Control follow a multistep process to ensure the best possible outcome for customers:

  1. We evaluate the environment and pinpoint any entry points.
  2. We remove the opossum in question and repair the entry point.
  3. We will look for any baby opossums (kits) and return them to the mother.

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Trust D&K Pest Control With Your Opossum Removal Needs

D&K Pest Control is the gold standard for pest control in Aurora, IL. Whether you're dealing with a solo act or a whole family of pests, our team can get them out without putting you in harm's way. You can go back to life as it was before; safe, fun, and totally opossum-free!

You can get started on an inspection service right away. Get local wildlife removal services for opossums today by calling the team at D&K Pest Control.

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Happy Spanish family

I received wonderful and prompt service! He found the dead squirrel and sealed up a couple of places where they could come in. He was very professional and answered all of my questions. I would happily use their services again!

Adumila C

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