What To Do When You Find A Wasp Nest On Your Aurora Property

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Wasps are common in Illinois. These flying insects are most active during June and July but can be a problem throughout the year. If you find a wasp's nest around your home, you should have a professional Aurora pest control specialist remove it for you. At D&K Pest Control, we have seen first-hand the problems that wasps can cause when you don't get rid of the nest. Even if you think the wasp nest is vacant, you could be inviting other wasps to your property by keeping the nest intact. Here is a look at how you can safely eliminate wasps from your property.

How To Identify A Wasp Nest

The appearance of the nest can vary significantly from species to species. Usually, only social wasps will build large nests. Solitary wasps typically live underground, in a hollowed-out hole in a piece of wood, or in some other area far from human activity. Some social wasps are also known to live underground, but many of them will build large aerial nests that can house several wasps at one time.

Wasps finely chew wood and other materials to build their nests. This results in the nest looking as if it was made out of paper. The paper wasp is one of the most common types of wasps found in this area. Its nest usually has a narrow top and a wide bottom that resembles an open umbrella that has been turned upside down.

The Dangers Of Trying To Remove A Wasp Nest Yourself

Some wasp species are more aggressive than others. However, every species can become dangerously aggressive if you try to destroy its nest. If you are destroying a social wasps' nest, you are likely to be attacked by several wasps at one time. And unlike bees, wasps are able to sting a person multiple times. When a wasp stings you, it will inject a small amount of venom into your body. Usually, the venom only causes pain and slight swelling that will go away on its own. But if you are stung several times, your body could receive too much venom, which might cause health complications.

Once a nest starts to mature and grow, you will begin to see a lot of wasp activity outside the nest. But many times, if there are only a few wasps in the nest, you won't see these insects often. Even if a wasp's nest looks vacant, you should always treat it as if it is full of wasps.

Five No-Nonsense Tips To Prevent Wasps

Wasps will often build their nest near reliable food and water sources. Because they have a diverse diet that contains other insects, fruits, and sweet nectar from plants, many yards look attractive to wasps.

Some of the things that you can do to make your home and property seem less attractive to these flying insects include:

  1. Keep a tight lid on your outdoor trash cans
  2. Keep your food and drinks covered when outdoors
  3. Make sure there are no tears or rips in your window screens
  4. Don't leave candy wrappers or other discarded trash outdoors
  5. Try to avoid wearing sweet-smelling perfumes when outside

It is also a good idea to seal any cracks or gaps that you have around your home. This will prevent the wasps from building nests in your home.

The Best Way To Handle A Wasp Infestation

If you are seeing wasps around your Aurora home, you should call D&K Pest Control as soon as possible. Our experienced pest control technicians know how to safely remove the wasp nest from your Aurora home and prevent the wasps from coming back in the future.

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