Spider Wars: How To Win The Battle Against Arachnids In Aurora Homes

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Spiders are one pest you don’t want running around your Aurora home due to their frightening appearance and the danger of serious bites. Professional pest control in Aurora is the best way to defeat these eight-legged pests.

Spider Identification: How To Recognize Different Species

There are many types of spiders present across the United States and several different species live around Aurora. It’s important to be able to tell apart the basics of different spider species, as this will help you identify the spider species on your property and any potential spider dangers.

In our area, the spiders we see most around Aurora homes include house spiders, wolf spiders, and daddy long-leg spiders. House spiders are often dark brown in appearance and spin high-up webs in dark, secluded places. Daddy long-legs are recognized by their distinctive long-legged appearance and brown or greyish-brown color, and wolf spiders are one of the largest spiders you can encounter at around two inches in length.

If you need help with spider identification, don’t hesitate to contact our team at D&K Pest Control.

Spider Problems: Why You Don't Want These Arachnids In Your Home

No Aurora resident wants to deal with arachnids in their home due to the many problems that spiders bring. In addition to being frightening in appearance and anxiety-inducing, spider infestations can be dangerous. All spiders have the ability to bite, and symptoms of a spider bite range from mild pain, itching, and swelling to more serious reactions, such as anaphylaxis. 

Certain dangerous spiders have venom strong enough to cause serious health issues, and the more widespread a spider infestation is around your home, the higher your risk of bites and other problems.

Preventing Spiders In The House: Practical Tips And Tricks

If you want to keep spiders away and lower your chances of an infestation, the best thing to do is to put practical tips and tricks in place for spider prevention.

Below is some of the best spider control advice from our experts:

  • Seal cracks around your home’s windows, doors, and foundation, as gaps may allow spiders to crawl inside.

  • Totally spider-proof interior areas with window and door screens, weather stripping, and door sweeps.

  • Clear outdoor spaces of long grasses, debris piles, cluttered plant pots, and woodpiles since spiders love to hide around these spaces.

  • Address spider pest prey infestations with the help of D&K Pest Control which might be encouraging this pest to show up on your property.

  • Fix leaks and drainage problems that lead to excess moisture, as both spiders and their pest prey are attracted to damp conditions around your property.

  • Declutter interior areas and carefully sweep away spider webs both indoors and outdoors to stop spiders from making their homes on your property.

For more information about effective spider prevention and control, contact D&K Pest Control today.

Professional Pest Control: A Great Spider Control Solution

Skip the DIY spider control methods if you want to get rid of spiders around your home for good, and reach out to the local spider control experts at D&K Pest Control for spider control solutions you can count on. 

Our technicians look for potential spider entry points and inspect your property for other signs of pests before providing you with a game plan for spider control. With our help, you won’t need to worry about tackling your spider infestation problem all alone - let us provide you with reliable spider control solutions.

Call us now to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Aurora.

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