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It Is Tricky To Deal With Bats In Your Home

When bats accidentally find their way into your attic space or wall voids, they can create problems. Not only are they noisy, but they're also a bit messy. Bats are not housetrained, and you'll want to get these pests out of your home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, bats are an endangered species, making them a difficult pest problem to address.

There are only two small windows of opportunity to evict them from your home. The first window is between March 15th and May 15th, and the second is between August 5th and October 30th. Why can't you just get rid of them at any time? During the winter, bats go into hibernation, and you cannot evict them. In the summer, it is hard to evict them because it is possible to separate a momma bat from her young accidentally. If the momma leaves her baby in your attic alone, it will not survive. Baby bats require nursing for about two weeks and can take to the air in about three to four weeks. While nursing, they are vulnerable. We help you navigate these challenges and choose the right time to evict bats from your home.

How We Address Bat Infestations

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No two bat infestations are the same, but the methods we use are often the same. We perform an inspection and consider the entry points bats are using to get into your house. Most of the time, we can locate entry points by locating guano, rub marks, and other warning signs of entry. If the signs are subtle, we may set up a bat watch, which is a surveillance program to catch bats going in and out at dusk.

Once we have determined where bats enter and exit, we install bat cones at these entry points. These allow the bats to exit but keep them from getting back inside. Along with the bat cones, we will check the roofline and seal openings 1/4 x 1 inch or larger. These exclusions prevent bats from getting back inside. The worst thing is to have to turn around and pay to address another bat infestation on the heels of the first. We protect you from this.

After two weeks, we return to remove the bat cones and patch any entry points. We'll also perform an inspection to make sure your home is bat-free.

It is often tricky dealing with a bat infestation. When you need bat control in Aurora, we're the right choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a cost for the inspection, but we subtract that cost from the cost of your pest control service. So, when you move forward and have our licensed and experienced wildlife management professional handle your bat control issue, there is technically no charge for your inspection.

Get The Right Solution For Your Bat Problem

D&K Pest Control provides industry-leading wildlife management solutions. We perform professional inspections, evaluate the conditions that led to your infestation, and apply long-lasting solutions you can trust. The bat control products we use have a strong track record of success. At every stage, we consider the health and well-being of the bats and their young and apply your bat control in a way that is considerate to you and your family.

We also know how to control bats in your house. If one has gotten into a common area, we'll catch it and send it out for rabies testing. We do this even if no one in your home thinks they've been bitten. We want you to have peace of mind after your bat control service is complete.

If you're looking for the best way to control pests in your Aurora home, D&K Pest Control has the solution. We'll guide you every step of the way and help you find the right solution to address the specific conditions of your bat control issue.

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Very professional. Thank you D&K Wildlife.

Liza S

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